Tuesday, 6 December 2016

FamilySearch adds Ireland, Valuation Office Books, 1831-1856

This database comprises an indexed compilation of "General Valuation of Rateable Property in Ireland, 1847-1864" and "Griffith's Valuation" made available to FamilySearch from Findmypast.

A search provides transcripts containing name, event type, event date, event year, event place, event place (original), affiliation record type, townland, county, parish and, barony.

Each search result also provides a link to the associated image available when at a Family History Centre, to "signed-in members of supporting organizations" or to Findmypast subscribers through the Griffith’s Valuation landing page.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Canadian Stained Glass

Something a bit different precipitated by a conversation on the periphery of a meeting at Library and Archives Canada.

The Institute for Stained Glass in Canada at http://glassincanada.org presents more than 6000 photos, mostly from Western Canada, documenting 160 years of glass in Canadian public buildings. An enormous range of styles and techniques reveal Canada's most widespread public art.

More RootsTech Innovator Showdown Contestants

Louis Kessler, one of the entrants in the Rootstech Innovator Showdown, and a Canadian, contacted me to correct a link and let me know about additional contestants.
Find his list at www.beholdgenealogy.com/blog/?p=1831

Thanks and best of luck to Louis.

Rootstech Innovator Showcase Promos

As described on the Rootstech webpage (slightly edited)

The Innovator Showdown was created to help innovators capitalize on the technological shift in the industry and provide the opportunity for innovators to use their talents and bright ideas to help propel them forward in new and exciting ways.
 Part of the entry requirement is to produce a short video explaining the innovation. Here are some of them. If I missed any please let me know and I add, or feature in a separate blog post.


Little Family Tree

Double Match Triangulator

The Family Nexus

Old News USA

O Ancestor Where Art Thou





CSI: Crowd Sourced Indexing



Bravo OGS

The Ontario Genealogical Society is making determined efforts to get out of the rut that has seen declining membership and collapsing branches in recent years.

On top of the half price membership for a new member and a member partner which ends at the end of the month there is a new initiative with Findmypast.

Here's how vice-President Steve Fulton described it in an email.

Every member of The Ontario Genealogical Society in 2017 will receive a Starter Package subscription to Findmypast.  The value of this benefit is $34.95 US$, and it is free for all 2017 OGS members. 

The Findmypast Starter Package allows access to over 3.6 million records, including:

Canadian and US social histories
Canadian census (pending release)
Ontario Birth Index, 1860-1920 (pending release)
UK/Ireland Census Records
Findmypast Family Tree
Irish Parish Catholic Registers
Exclusive land records and Irish Prison Registers
Exclusive Court records and Petty Sessions Order Books
The complete U.S. Census, 1790–1940
Birth, marriage, and death records from across the U.S.
(excluding premium marriage dataset)
US immigration and travel records, including U.S. Passenger Lists, 1820s–1950s
US Newspapers

If you're tempted to join, or rejoin as I did earlier, go to www.ogs.on.ca/.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Joshua Taylor on How Genealogists Research

Joshua Taylor, President of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, professional genealogist, and theme speaker at the OGS Conference 2017, is interviewed in an episode of an educational series “Doing History: How Historians Work.”
Presented in an interview format with host Liz Covart it covers what would be good to know when starting out researching your family history and, as always, acts as a refresher for the more experienced.

  • New-York Genealogical and Biographical Society
  • Overview of professional genealogy
  • Where genealogists start their research projects
  • How far back you can expect to trace your family tree
  • Differences in access to records between the United States and European countries
  • The role questions play in genealogical research
  • Genealogists’ research process
  • Where genealogists look for information
  • Digital resources for genealogical research
  • Types of historical sources genealogists use
  • How genealogists research people who left little-to-no written record
  • How genealogists use the work of other genealogists
  • How to know if the family tree constructed by another genealogist is accurate
  • The role of DNA in genealogical research
  • Objectivity in genealogical research
  • The final products of genealogical research
  • Strategies for becoming “unstuck” in your genealogical research
  • The role historical context plays in genealogical research
  • Researching in U.S. census records
  • Tips and tricks for conducting genealogical research
  • Local genealogical societies

Although Josh and Liz do come at the topic from a US, and New York orientation the advice is more generally applicable.
Skip past the first five minutes of the episode to the interview which lasts about 40 minutes.
Toward the end of the episode it's revealed that the next series of Genealogy Roadshow has not (yet) been commissioned.


Crème de la crème: nourishing, not fattening

Every week Gail Dever, compiles a roundup of the best new genealogy and related items she's come across.
Every week I'm impressed by some of the things included. Gail is well tuned in to social media, as those who've heard her speak at BIFHSGO or OGS meetings already know, meaning that while there's some overlap with this blog Gail's scope is broader.
Check out her latest Crème de la crème post here where you can subscribe to ensure you don't miss any of Gail's posts.

Change for The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery

News arrived on Saturday that the Webmaster of The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery, Murray Pletsch, has decided to retire.

Thanks to Murray for the many years of volunteer service and all the best for the future.

Over the coming months photos from The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery website will be incorporated into CanadaGenWeb at http://rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cancemet/
their website. It will take some while to re-index the 1,600 cemeteries from The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Irish Soldiers' Records

The 16 soldiers listed below were members of five units of the British Army which were disbanded following the establishment of the independent Irish Free State in 1922. They each had a Canadian connection; born, address of next of kin, or address on discharge.

JohnHillsoldier06/03/1919MaymyoEnlistment Scans linked to deed
Cyril JosephLeesoldier28/07/1919CorkEnlistment Scans linked to deed
ThomasShearersoldier27/01/1903GalwayEnlistment Scans linked to deed
PatrickDolansoldier12/08/1915DublinEnlistment Scans linked to deed
ErnestDaysoldier10/03/1910Stratford E.Enlistment Scans linked to deed
JohnCodysoldier29/04/1915WexfordEnlistment Scans linked to deed
William SamuelCollinssoldier25/10/1919Whitehall S.W.Enlistment Scans linked to deed
John Basil TrelawneyButtonsoldier21/06/1921PlymouthEnlistment Scans linked to deed
AlbertMulhollandsoldier04/04/1919Rugeley CampEnlistment Scans linked to deed
FrankO'Sullivansoldier03/10/1921CorkEnlistment Scans linked to deed
JohnMuldoonsoldier15/12/1919DublinEnlistment Scans linked to deed
FrancisO'Flynnsoldier05/02/1920CorkEnlistment Scans linked to deed
John Joseph PatrickCashinsoldier02/11/1910KilkennyEnlistment Scans linked to deed
JamesRodgersoldier11/03/1919MaymyoEnlistment Scans linked to deed
HenryHarrisonsoldier26/07/1909DublinEnlistment Scans linked to deed
Alfred GeorgeWatlingsoldier14/07/1920LondonEnlistment
The units disbanded were the Connaught Rangers, the Leinster Regiment, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, the Royal Irish Regiment and the Royal Munster Fusiliers.

Listed with links to images of original records, this information is from a database of 11,981 recordsfrom the National Army Museum at www.nam.ac.uk/soldiers-records/persons.

Some of these list address or discharge with the notation "Comm. Of Emigration". I'm curious about that organization. Any information to share?

Scotland Church Records at FamilySearch

On 13 November I noted the partially completed database at FamilySearch UK, Scotland—Church of Scotland Synods, Presbyteries, and Kirk Sessions, 1658—1919.

Now available in the main catalogue is Scotland Church Records and Kirk Session Records, 1658-1919 with 302,484 records.

Find out more details on this dataset here.

December Backup Reminder

Time for the monthly backup nag. If you didn't do so on the 1st it's now past time to make a backup of your hard drive.
If you don't have an external hard drive, or a cloud backup plan, maybe Santa will be kind. Drop a hint.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

OGS Conference 2017 Registration now open

As of 1 December you can register online for the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference, 16-18 June 2017 at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Read all about it at conference2017.ogs.ca. After you've stopped salivating over the program register at conference2017.ogs.ca/registration/. Click on Register Now from the drop down menu.

Manchester Parish Registers at Family Search

England, Manchester, Parish Registers, 1603-1910 has 1,741,621 records for the area around Manchester, Lancashire. 

The Lancashire parishes are listed here, to which are added Staleybridge, Ashton-under-Lyne in Cheshire and the Yorkshire parishes of Dobcross, Holy Trinity; Lydgate, St Anne; Saddleworth, St Chad; Saddleworth, St Thomas.
These parish registers at FamilySearch. many with linked images, contain births, christenings, burials, marriages, and mixed church records.
Ancestry and Findmypast also have Manchester area records.

Genealogy Websites Benchmark Update for November

For the third month in a row downwards trends in popularity of many genealogy websites were evident, according to Alexa. Even top ranked sites ancestry.com and familysearch.org recorded declines in rank of greater than 20 per cent. The average decline was 16.5 per cent.

This blog saw the largest declines. Strangely the address anglo-celtic.connections.blogspot.com is now recording a higher ranking 2,150,002 than the ,ca site, with the .co.uk site better than that, 964,235 and the .co.au site better yet 941,531.

Lostcousins.com, torontofamilyhistory.org, britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk, genealogyintime.com, canadiana.ca recorded improved rankings.

Here, for the record, are the results, remembering that a positive trend in the table indicates an improvement in popularity.

Site30-Nov31-OctTrend (%)